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Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer | Bling Week

If you have been following along on my facebook page, you know I have been posting photos of different wedding rings shots each day this week. This was just a fun little personal project I wanted to do for myself before wedding photography season kicks into high gear, and it gives me a chance to play around with my new macro lens that I purchased at the end of last wedding season.

With this project, I only wanted to use things readily available at my home and outside as props, and really force myself to look around my surroundings. With all of the photos below, you will see what I used for the shot and the geeky photographer settings (for anyone interested). For all shots, I only used available light. I hope you have enjoyed “bling week” as much as I have.


ISO 5000, f11, 1/50

The set up, this bag sitting on the table:


ISO 800, f10, 1/200

The set up, a rosemary bush out back:


ISO 400, f10, 1/200

The set up outside on a small patio table:


ISO 6400, f10, 1/80

The set up (I removed the curtain tie and placed it on the table):


ISO 320, f11, 1/400

The set up on my deck outside:

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