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Are We Choosing Happiness?

Recently, I have been speaking with a close friend on the topic of happiness. It’s truly a topic that can go several ways and mean very different things to different people. What does it really mean to be happy? Webster’s defines happiness as the state of being happy, or an experience that makes you happy. Thus, does happiness mean financial stability, a loving relationship, excelling in a career you love or being surrounded by people you love? It can be any of those things or maybe all of these things combined for some. What makes you happy? 

Family photo taken at the top of Pikes Peak at Colorado Springs. Photography by happy Wilmington, NC Photographer, Erin Costa Photography.
Recent family photo taken at the top of Pikes Peak.

Many people have said this and I have seen this floating around social media quite a bit lately: Happiness is a choice. I have grown to truly believe this, happiness is a choice. You will fight with your spouse/significant other, lose people you love, disagree with your boss and maybe even struggle financially. It’s what you do during these times that will determine who you are and what you feel. You can chose to be unhappy, mad at the world and blame your circumstances for your unhappiness or you can chose happiness. Sounds easy right? You and I both know that it is absolutely not that easy, or else everyone would choose to be happy all the time. 

View from the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Image by Wilmington, NC photographer Erin Costa.
View from the top of Pikes Peak.

Happiness is a continuous, conscious effort that has to be made, even those days where you start your morning by spilling piping hot coffee all over yourself. It’s a choice to just smile when your boss is on your back or that person in traffic cuts you off (this one is REALLY tough for me:) ). We all have bad days, some maybe months or years, but I believe the more we focus on all of the good we have in our lives, instead of the bad, the happier and more content we will become. 

Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Image taken by Erin Costa Photography, a Wilmington, NC Photographer.
Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

Why this post now? I felt encouraged after speaking with my friend and hearing her tell me about her choice to be happy no matter what her circumstance. I too want to choose happiness when things are tough, when the military moves my family to the other side of the country, when I don’t book a client I really wanted, or even when Mike puts the toilet paper roll on backwards yet again (yes there is a correct way :P). I choose day in and day out to work on just being happy. What will you chose?

Mike poses in Colorado with our niece Ava. Image by Erin Costa Photography,  happy Wilmington, NC photographer.
Mike and our crazy niece Ava!
A happy and fun group photo with our friends on July 4th. © Erin Costa Photography, Wilmington, NC Photographer
July 4th group photo with our friends.

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